BRANSON ON STAGE LIVE! offers magnificent theatre venues for guest performing groups so care must be taken to ensure the quality of presentations. The following criteria have been established to assist in providing the theatre guests the best entertainment possible.


  1. Play or sing musically and in tune.

  2. Display precision in execution of music and/or movement.

  3. Perform with energy and display a sense of stage presence. Smile!


  1. Submit application materials at least 2 months prior to requested performance date.

  2. Complete an original application for each group applying (no copies please).
    Submit a recent, non-returnable, video recording of the actual applicant group. We suggest that your video be placed no more than 15-20 yards from the group's performance area. Promotional videos or tapes that include other groups do not meet selection criteria.

  3. Submission (YouTube link, video file, DVD, etc) should show at least two complete selections typical of the group's performance at a theatre in Branson.

  4. Video file/DVD/YouTube link should include a standard repertoire as one selection and a selection that is pops in nature (no excerpts please).

  5. Submit a recent, non-returnable, full-length color photograph of the group in uniforms or costumes to be worn during a Branson appearance (8 X 10 or smaller preferred). Wardrobe must be uniform, clean, and well maintained. Shoes & socks are required. Please no jeans, tee-shirts, tank tops, shorts, athletic attire, or unmatched shoe styles.